The Good Ol Boys reminisce


HALEY SCHOOLEY | The Nashville News The Good Ol Boys gathered at Western Sizzlin in Nashville to share stories of the good ol days. Members include: Charles Sharp, Jimmy Reeder, Joe Dallas, Charles Wilhite, John Lyons, Gerald Littlefield, Dugan Tinsley, Don Coulter, Conrad Dyer, Mickey Bowden, Val Jamison, Joe Chambers, Jerry Jacobs, Lester Bradley, Neely Cassady, Hix Smith, Jim Tollett, […]

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Inmate sentenced for having tobacco in jail

legal scales clipped

Terrica Hendrix Reporter NASHVILLE – An inmate serving time for a parole violation was sentenced for possessing tobacco while in jail. Brandon Martin, 24, of Texarkana, Texas, was arraigned in Howard County Circuit Court before Judge Tom Cooper on Wednesday for one count of furnishing, possessing or using prohibited articles. Martin admitted that he “brought tobacco to the jail” and […]

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Neutrons and Pulsars and Magnetars, Oh My!

darrell heath

Darrell Heath Astronomy Columnist Stars come in a variety of sizes, luminosities, temperatures, and life spans and the thing that ties all of these stellar characteristics together is mass. Mass determines how much pressure gravity exerts upon the star’s heart, its core, and, consequently, determines just about every other aspect of a star’s life. High mass stars are big, bright, […]

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