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  • White Cliffs News0

    Mary Crosslin | Local Events Columnist There were no emergencies in the Cliff this week for which we are grateful. We are now all turning to getting our yards in good shape. The rains have brought so much moisture until the grass is growing really fast. Mount Zion had regularly worship service on Sunday. Rev.

  • Don’t Let Mold Take Over Your Refrigerator0

    Jean Ince | County Extension Agent Staff Chair Suddenly you get hunger pangs and decide that a snack would be perfect. Nothing sounds better than some of those wonderful grapes you bought last week on sale. But, when you go to the refrigerator and open the crisper drawer, you are faced with a disgusting, fur-covered


  • 2016-2017 Dierks School Cheerleaders0

    Back row - Perri Lowery, Grace Martin, Alyssa Ward, Crystal Webb, Gracie Thomas, (and mascot) Megan WelchFront row - Melissa Little, Abigail Garner, Gabby Strasner, Kyra Helms and Destiny Nutt Back row - Emily Glass, Yvette Keeney, Halle Mounts, Kalynn Hill and Karson YoungFront row - Autumn Greenwood, Macy Eckert, Kamry Kelly, Kammie Hill and
  • Goodbye Mister A

    Goodbye Mister A0

    Caddo Hills lost one of their biggest fans this weekend with the passing of Robert Alexander. Alexander passed away Saturday, April 16, after spending several days in the hospital. Known as Mister A by many around Caddo Hills, he spent the last 23 years sitting in the far corner of the Caddo Hills gymnasium keeping