Narrows Dam dam worked

Narrows Dam is an all-concrete dam whose construction began in April 1947. The first bucket of concrete was placed into the dam in June 1948. Completion of the dam was in 1950 and dedicated in July 1951, upon completion of the entire project. The hard work and quality job performed by the construction crew has proved evident throughout the 64 years the dam has been in operation. Despite the skilled knowledge and craftsmanship involved in the construction of Narrows Dam, frequent inspections, evaluations, and consistent monitoring remain an integral component to this amazing structure.

Every five years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Greeson Field Office, hosts a comprehensive, proactive emergency exercise for authorities involved to ensure that each entity understands their responsibilities.

On May 28th, 2015 a “Tabletop Emergency Action Plan Exercise” will be reviewed as well as an emergency drill for the South Pike County Public Schools. The drill and exercise is a step-by-step plan that involves many different entities, from dam operators, emergency responders, county officials, and the South Pike County School district to ensure that everyone who can respond to an emergency of this nature will be able to respond swiftly and appropriately. Narrows Dam undergoes a rigorous inspection schedule to evaluate its integrity. During a recent inspection, as well as past inspections, Narrows Dam was given a DSAC IV safety rating, which is among the highest safety ratings of any dam in the nation. Despite its impeccable assessment, an emergency action plan is not only encouraged, it’s also vital for the protection of our local community, as well as residences farther downstream.

Depending on the extremely unlikely situation, and whether it is a potential dam breach emergency, or an imminent failure, prior preparation is critical. The exercise will be unperturbed, orderly, identify protocols, and be used to make a great plan better.

For more information regarding the emergency action plan exercise, feel free to contact Andrea McRae or Eric Jenkins, 870-285-2151 ext. 55001.

Murfreesboro Campus To Hold Emergency Evacuation Drill

high water

The Murfreesboro campus of the South Pike County School District will be participating in an emergency evacuation drill Thursday, May 28.

The drill will be held in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers and local law and fire personnel participating.

The drill at the campus this Thursday will begin at 2 p.m. and will last approximately 30-45 minutes. School will be dismissed immediately after the drill which may result in early dismissal.

For more information see the “Corp and local officials perform ‘Tabletop Emergency Action Plan Exercise’ Thursday” article.


First State Bank adding space

fsb psdNASHVILLE – First State Bank in Nashville has been working the last month and a half on constructing two additional office spaces and a file room, as well as new parking spaces.
According to Vice President Tim Pinkerton, the project has been going smoothly, with the only setbacks being the result of the weather, and is expected to be completed within the next six months.

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Website Facelift: Style Upgrade

Now that things have calmed down after the rush of trying to get the website online as quickly as possible, I finally have some free time to spend on whatever I wish. As it turns out, the next step for me is obvious: spending that aforementioned time improving my pre-existing HTML/CSS skills.

What good is creating a website if you don’t intend to also master the art in the process? Further still, shouldn’t everyone seek to master their arts and revisit their past works to improve upon them? One should never let their knowledge and skills stagnate as this does nothing more than cause the mind to rot in time.

After a week of practice and little sleep, it’s time for me to put these new skills to the test by revisiting this website so that I may perform a complete facelift — shifting it up to the next metaphorical gear. I’ve opted to expand upon the existing color scheme, but increase the amount of blue so that the website doesn’t look so depressively dull and grey. I think that adding additional colors would be a great idea, but that will be for another time.

The resulting completed style upgrade is a simple seventy-eight lines of CSS that touches upon the most visually-impacting areas of the website. I might have spent the entire restless night finding the right balance, but the result is well worth the effort.

Feel free to leave any comments you like on areas of the website that you’d like to see visual improvements on. I can’t guarantee that I can implement every idea, but when I have time I can try to implement things one step at a time as I go along. If you’re not allowed to make a comment due to the silly pay-wall then you can still pass me an email at

Hopefully Apple won’t sue me for using rounded edges.

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