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Bad News for Chipotle


From The Barnyard
By Mike Graves

“More E. coli outbreaks
are being investigated by the
Centers for Disease Control
after another wave of infections
are being linked to Chipotle
Mexican Grill; this after
53 consumers in nine states
were sickened in November.”
According to Meat and
Poultry e-magazine, the
Denver based Chipotle has
pledged to “become an industry
leader in food safety.”
Those of us in the business
of making a living off the
land, and providing protein
to a hungry world should
make themselves savvy of
the anti-farming and ranching
propaganda Chipotle
“We are committed to
vegetables grown in healthy
soil, and pork from pigs
allowed to freely root and
roam outdoors.”
The chain does a good
job telling us how they are
committed to healthy soils;
Wonder how many acres
have been covered in asphalt
by Chipotle?
They tell us all about
their commitment to animal
welfare; BUT,
Wonder how many of
them know a sow from a
I’ll say this: if the latest
E. coli outbreaks linked to
Chipotle are proven, they
can forget about being a
supporter of “sustainable
agriculture.” You have to be
in business to support “sustainable
And, if you detect a degree
of satisfaction in the tone of
this article, it is hard for me
not to rejoice in the decline
of a business that has continually
bad-mouthed corporate
farming and ranching;
all the while not knowing a
sow from a boar.
Y’all know what? All this
opinionating has flung a
craving on me for a big sack
of Cracklins from B’s in
downtown Mineral Springs,
Arkansas – America!
• “I’m hungry for those
good things, baby, I’m hungry
thru and thru!”
– ”Hungry” Paul Revere
and the Raiders
• “Cleave fast unto God,
who changeth not.”
– St Teresa 16th Century