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Cowboy Christianity


by Baxter Black, DVM

A funny thing happened
at the rodeo. I saw the power
of prayer.
The National Finals Rodeo
(NFR) last December in
Las Vegas came at the end of
a tumultuous year of savage
terrorism around the world
and in our own front yard.
The news media has been
awash with violence. The
deliverers of the death and
chaos claim that their god,
Mohammad, and their ‘bible’
the Quran, commands Muslims
to “kill the infidels” and
thus are justified in doing it.
Obviously, most Muslims
don’t translate it that way,
nor do the victims of what is
now known as radical Islam.
Yet the shootings, bombings
and murders continue
Americans are walkin’
circles on the sidewalk waiting
for someone in our government
to give us marching
orders, some direction to
protect ourselves, someone
willing to take a stand. Washington
DC is dizzy. Protesters
would have the 1st Amendment
selectively eliminated
so only they can talk. And
amidst all this, our leaders
threaten us with politically
correct “no, no’s” that turn
us into liars, deceivers and
What is missing in this
Our government has forsaken
the strongest force
that unites us…God. It is
Christians the terrorists fear
the most. Terrorists watch
with glee as America continues
to desert the bedrock of
our country. Christianity is
the backbone of our Constitution,
our laws, our moral
compass and our daily lives.
ISIS knows it and is sworn to
wipe us out.
The NFR rodeo is a sport
borne, supported and loved
by primarily rural people.
It is the “superbowl” of rodeos.
77% of Americans are
Christians, three out of four.
The belief in God is obvious
at the performances. The
rodeo begins with a prayer.
How many other sporting
events from Little League
to the World Series begin
with a prayer? How many
grade school days start with
a prayer? How many political
speeches begin with
a prayer?
Muslims pray publicly
5 times a day. Are Muslims
forced to join Christians in
prayer? No. This is a free
country. But it is a Christian
country. The final night,
none other than the winningest
professional rodeo
cowboy in the world, reining
All Around Champion
Trevor Brazile, in front of
15,000 plus television, spoke
for most of us during his
acceptance speech. (I paraphrase)
He gave thanks to
God, said American was built
on Christian faith, that we
can be merciful and forgiving
to others but that does not
include forsaking our beliefs
just because it offends
In times of war our armed
forces are visible. At the
rodeo they are recognized
for their service. 15,000 flags
were passed out. When Lee
Greenwood sings “God Bless
the USA” the roof comes off
the Thomas & Mack Arena…
you can hear it as far away
as Tulsa!
Iran and Saudi Arabia
are described as Muslim
countries. In our world the
United States is described
as a Christian country. In our
world God and Country are
inseparable…as are America
and Christianity.
It is common in rodeo for
a rider or roper to genuflect
or point upward after his
run…do a Tebow, I guess. We
don’t mock him…we know
who he is talkin’ to.

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