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Farmers’ market kick-off, training March 3


The Farmers’ Markets in Nashville, Hope and Washington will be holding their 2020 kick-off meeting on Tuesday, March 3, starting at 12 noon at the Southwest Research & Extension Center, located at 362 Highway 174 North in Hope.

There will be vendor training sessions and registration for market vendors from noon until 1:30 pm.  

Anyone who would like to sell at any farmers market this year, including those in Texarkana and elsewhere, will benefit from this free training.

Also, there are reduced registration fees for vendors who sign up for the markets during this event. The reduced seasonal registration fees will not be available later in the year, so anyone planning to sell this at any of the three markets should attend this event. Everyone is invited to come and find out what is planned for the three markets this year.  

For more information or to register, contact Julio Fuentes at (870) 200-3883 or Jodi Coffee at (870) 703-8788. This information can also be found at the Howard County Farmers Market Facebook page.

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