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Early files for the week of December 21, 2015


Compiled by Patsy Young

118 years ago: 1897
Attorney H.P. Epperson of
Muddy Fork was in Nashville
yesterday. He is getting up
a petition for the pardon of
Henry Cook, who was sent
to the pen at the last term of
the Howard Circuit Court for
the murder of the little son of
J.W. Jones. Mr. Jones and the
Judge and many others have
signed the petition.
Notice: C. M. Conway at
the Buckhorn Saloon, Washington,
Ark. will fill your orders
for Christmas whiskey
and pay the express charges
if you order a half gallon or
Letters to Santa Clause:
Dear Santa, I want a drum,
a pistol, a boat and one of
those little too wheel barrows
at Mr. Lowenberg’s and
a velocipede. Your friend, Du
Pree Smith
(Adv.) No need to go dirty
when you can get two bars of
soap for a nickel and plenty
of towels to go with it at the
Bargain House.
110 years ago: 1905
Those who attended the
recital at the Odd Fellows Hall
Wednesday night were entertained.
Miss Wirta Robinson
was at her best, and in fine
voice. She is an artist of very
high order and shows that
her training has been the very
best. She was ably assisted
by Misses Fern Reese, Allene
Smith and Virge Buxton. Mrs.
Lowenberg presided at the
piano and Prof. Busey played
the violin. The house should
have been crowded.
Take Notice: We positively
will not carry any more 30 day
accounts 60 days. If you can’t
pay in 30 days, please don’t
ask us for credit. There is no
profit hardly in groceries, and
we can’t wait 60 days at cash
prices. W.J. Olds
74 years ago: 1941
Jesse Cochran son of
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Cochran of
this city was painfully injured
Thanksgiving afternoon, while
hunting with three friends. A
bullet from a .22 caliber rifle
went entirely through his right
arm twice.
The boys had been hunting
and laid down on the
ground to rest. Young Cochran
had his arm raised up
to his head, when a friend
accidently fired his rifle, the
bullet first striking Cochran in
the forearm, then in the upper
arm, passing through each. He
is reported doing nicely.
Letters to Santa Clause:
Dear Santa, Please bring me a
little truck and a big ball and
bring us some candy, fruits
and nuts. Your little friend,
James Grady Huddleston
(Adv.) Drip or regular Magnolia
Coffee lb. 20c, Arm &
Hammer Soda 3 boxes 10c,
Vanilla Wafers 2 pkgs. 15c Friday
and Saturday Fred Stuart
27 years ago: 1988
Saratoga’s homecoming
queen put her crown aside
long enough to score 15 points
for a Bulldog victory over
the Blevins Hornets Tuesday
SHS senior Earicker Smith
was crowned during ceremonies
Tuesday afternoon
and again that night prior to
roundball action.
Other members of the
school’s first homecoming
court included: Maid of honor,
Iresa Rowe; basketball maids
Laurie Jackson, Ann Thomas
and Shakieta Green; and class
maids Felicia Porter, Jacque
McJunkins and Christal Hendrix.
Myra Vaughn and Patrick
Brown were junior class
escorts. Basketball captains
Mark West and Tony Alexander
escorted the queen and
maid of honor.