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Quality Shoe Store: 67 years on Main Street


NASHVILLE – Quality Shoe
Store has been a fixture
located on Nashville’s Main
Street since 1948. In the sixty
seven years since the store
has opened, it has remained
the “to go” place for both
longtime residents of Nashville
and other towns in the
The original location for
the store is where Regions
Bank now stands. The store
was opened by Jack and
Epps Rorex. In 1957, Shirley
Hamilton started working
there. Quality Shoe Store
was moved to its current location
during this timeframe,
as well. It was located next
door to Budget Shoe Store.
“My husband and I bought
the store in 1973. Since then,
we’ve carried on, and we’ve
added ladies clothing, jewelry,
handbags, and all different
types of accessories.”
said Hamilton.
The primary focus is on
shoes for the complete family:
mens, womens, and children’s
shoes, but Hamilton
has also added a selection
of women’s clothing, jewelry,
handbags, and other accessories
to the store.
Hamilton prides herself
on bringing personal attention
and friendly customer
service to her customers.
“You just don’t see family
owned shoe stores anymore.
They’re all becoming
corporate owned chains.”
she said. “One of the biggest
things that has helped
Quality Shoe Store survive
is personal service. and
courtesies that you just
don’t find in a chain store.”
Hamilton personally selects
all items to sell in the store
based off of what she knows
her customers will like. “I see
the same things that the buyers
in New York see. I make
sure to select the things that
I know my customers will
want to wear.” said Hamilton.
When asked about any
upcoming plans for Quality
Shoe Store, Hamilton stated,
“I’m toying with the idea
of retirement. I really wish
that there was a couple that
wanted to start out like my
husband and I did, and build
from there. It’s a good opportunity,
it’s all set up. I’ve been
here for 58 years, so that tells
you that the business is successful.”
Quality Shoe Store is located
at 110 S Main in Nashville.