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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago:  September 1898

Sheriff Haller passed through here Monday with a man who gave the name of Frank McDonald who said he is from Chicago.  McDonald is crazy. 

He has crazy spells, and he requested Sheriff Haller to get a rope and tie him, giving as a reason for this request that he might do something wrong.  When a spell comes on, McDonald has a burning desire to break out glass windows. Sheriff Haller had to check him twice in an attempt of this kind at a hotel.  McDonald says he has been an inmate of the asylum, and Mr. Haller is taking him to Little Rock to be examined by doctors at the asylum.

(Adv.) To Women! After you have tried doctors and all preparations that failed to relieve you, then use Gerstle’s Female Panacea. It will cure you. For sale by all dealers of medicine.


81 years ago: September 1940

 Dr. H. H. Holt, of this city and county health officer for Howard County, Friday declared a quarantine on all dogs in Madison Township #1 and Madison Township #2 following the receipt of advice from the State Board of Health that a dog, whose head had been sent to the board for examination, had been suffering from rabies. The dog bit a son of R. A. McAllister of Dierks on Wednesday. 

Under the quarantine, Dr. Holt orders that all dogs be kept penned or on a leash in these two townships for 21 days.

(Adv.) For sale or trade, ’36 Chevrolet, two door, new paint, new tires, excellent condition. See Earl Bradford, Nashville and Mineral Springs Highway at Midway Church.


64 years ago:  July 1957

Brice Darling feeding the Country Club’s alligator.

Pvt. William J. Hockaday, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Hockaday, Route 2, Nashville, Arkansas, recently was graduated from the eight-week Administration School at Fort Chaffee.                                                                       Hockaday received instructions in typing, filing and Army clerical procedures.  He is a graduate of Mineral Springs High School.

Said one local guy, “I hope the price of peaches goes so high no one in Nashville can afford to eat ’em.”


38 years ago:  September 1983

Some residents of Central Howard County took home arm loads of honey and cheese Tuesday after a government commodities truck overturned and spilled its load near Center Point.  The single vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Highways 355 and 4.  Contents of the truck spilled and the driver reportedly told onlookers to cart off the contents because government inspectors would refuse to forward the goods.  A total of 200 cases of cheese and 80 cases of honey were hauled off.

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