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Tips for storm damage deductions

NASHVILLE - Many citizens have experienced storm damage this year—from record-setting floods to tornadoes and lightning. If you suffer damage to your home or...

County working to repair water damage to roads

Montgomery County roads suffered a lot of relatively small damage in many places throughout the county during recent heavy rains,  but not any single...

Mayor writes to express gratitude of city

Dear Editor: Disasters happen, and when they do the loss of life is especially heartbreaking. Nashville lost two young adults in the tornado that hit...

County declared disaster area after confirmed tornado

NASHVILLE - Howard County was officially declared a disaster area Monday as Governor Asa Hutchinson passed through the area to assess the damage from...

Two killed, four injured, dozens of homes damaged by tornado

NASHVILLE - Two were killed and several more injured Sunday night when a suspected tornado blew through the western portion of town, destroying a...