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Mayor writes to express gratitude of city


Dear Editor:
Disasters happen, and when they do the loss of life is especially heartbreaking. Nashville lost two young adults in the tornado that hit our town Sunday night, May 10th. They died saving the life of their young daughter. As she grows into an adult she will know how much her parents loved her more than their own lives. We are praying for her and her family through this difficult time. Many homes and properties were damaged and destroyed, and our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of these individuals. There is nothing easy about any of this and each and every one of you has shown your compassion for all who were affected.
We know we have exceptional people in our town and surrounding areas. After this tornado hit Nashville they have once again proved this. We know there are no words to express our deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks for all you did to help our town. It is an impossibility to mention and thank each individual that helped; the numbers are too many too count. The Churches, Local Schools, Schools in the surrounding Areas, Youth Groups, Fire Departments, Local Businesses, Industries, Disaster Relief Volunteer Groups, Red Cross, Individuals, Clubs, Organizations, the list just goes on and on. All the support and help offered touched mine and everyone’s hearts and we know we are so blessed. We can’t express enough the appreciation, love, gratitude and thanks to each and every one of you.
We hear all the time how people come together in a time of need; well you all certainly did just that. We hope that in the future, should the need arise, we are able to show as much compassion, love, and support that we were shown. Our town will be sometime getting back to normal but with all of your help we are well on our way. From the bottom of my heart and all who were so lovingly touched by your help, we thank you.
Our deepest thanks,
Billy Ray Jones, Mayor
City of Nashville

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