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3.29-carat ‘Big Ugly Diamond’ found at state park


David Anderson of Murfreesboro recently found this 3.29-carat brown diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park which he named B.U.D. (big ugly diamond) due to its pitted surface and mottled brown color. “Mr. Anderson’s diamond is about the size of an English pea, with a light brown color and octahedron shape,” said Park Interpreter Tayler Markham. “It has a metallic shine typical of all diamonds found at the park, with a partially resorbed surface and lots of inclusions.” Anderson typically sells the diamonds he finds at the state park and plans to sell this one, too. Anderson has found more than 400 diamonds over the past 16 years, including 15 weighing over one carat, including a 3.83-carat yellow and a 6.19-carat white gem. The recent find is the largest diamond park staff have registered since September 2021.