Home Breaking News Mobile unit arrives, another closure for Murfreesboro PO

Mobile unit arrives, another closure for Murfreesboro PO

A mobile unit has arrived at the Murfreesboro Post Office with another closure now in effect, due to bats.

Murfreesboro Mayor Jim O’Neal has confirmed a plan, via U.S. Representative Bruce Westerman’s office, that as of Tuesday this week they will again close the Murfreesboro Post Office and will operate out of a mobile post office.

O’Neal would go on to say that the plan has the owners of the post office being given 30 days to ultimately rectify the odor issues and “correct any deficiencies” before the U.S.P.S. steps in to take care of the remnants of the former bat residents.

“It appears something is going to finally be done, and we would be very happy, as it has taken a long time, but we all understand how bureaucracy works. It is now time to come to a resolution on this.” O’Neal said his understanding of the situation would include the sorting of mail at Delight and then local residents with post office boxes can pick their mail up at the mobile unit, much like ordering street tacos from a food truck. The owners of the post office — a group from New York — is currently in a legal disagreement with the pest control service that was subcontracted to remove the bats and return the post office to working condition.

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