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On the Edge of Common Sense | Baxter Black, DVM

Dere felo caowdogs. Its bin a wile sinc I ben abel to sneek in a collum. B. Black dvm (dip vat maneger, ha, ha) has ben wathing me pretty clos.
Got a letter from Bloo and Bare. Bare sed he liked hour vedio better than the buk. It was cruntcheyer! Bloo got spad. Evre sinc the nayber sot me I bin staing clos to home, too.
Did get run oufer las somer but onely brok my leg.
I tink my contsent viglens has cut dowen on Backstirs cowdog kritasizein. Besides, wot he nose abowt anemil behavyer wood fit in a pinewurms poketbuk!
He went to a horstraning klinick. That’s a laff! “Bekum won with yer hours.” The pore fule izent evun won with his dandrif! Bowt the onely thing hez wone with is his ropping dummy!
I spent the somer waching his gippo cow opurashun. Thank goodness, because he strung fifteen mils of hot whire all ofer twelve akers to maksomize his grazeing. The paschur lookt like Flanderz Feld! The cowz finly gave upp an lerned to cral under it!
I don’t know how many mor trips to the sale the Valdez will make. Itz his 1982 stoktraler with skower yelo primer an smooth tires. He maks me staye in it wile hez in the sale barn.
Ane way, nuthinz chang mutch. I stil ride in the bak of the pikup sumtimz. But he never swepes it hout. All that brush and sand an hay. I set bak the in a blizerd of trash!
But I’m wurkin on him. It cood be worz. I cood be a towen dog.
PS Lefte sez shez doon better after the amputashun.

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