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From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

I read in my Livestock Weekly this week that Dr. Art Douglas, the trusted meteorologist that the National Cattleman’s Association relies on, “believes in climate change, and the fact that the Earth’s oceans are 6 degrees warmer than a decade ago affirms this.”
I discussed global warming with some animal scientists from the U of A last summer, and all three agreed we are experiencing global warming. None of the mentioned scientists would go too deep in blaming any one thing for fear of losing their jobs – you see, global warming, like racial issues, are hard to discuss rationally. Hollywood blames corporate agriculture while they (Hollywood) fly their personal jets to the Earth Summits. Cattleman’s Associations reject the idea the ranchers they represent could be contributing to global warming. And the heat goes on.
I personally believe we are experiencing global warming, and EVERYONE is contributing to the phenomenon. I also believe it’s time we took our collective heads out of the sand, and, like the racial issue that divides us all, ATTEMPT to discuss this divisive issue (Who knows, we might be discussing “Global Cooling” in a few years).
Here, we use recycled newsprint, then recycle the waste paper each week at the Howard County Children and Adult Center. We’re not going to stop global warming by these feeble steps – just, maybe slow it down enough for our grandkids to be able to play in the snow someday.
In closing, we don’t need the United Nations to tell us the right thing to do – that is, be as kind to our life sustaining planet as possible.
That’s all for this week, I appreciate y’all taking the time to read this imperfect opinion, offered by an imperfect man.
“Let’s leave some blue up above us, let’s leave some green on the ground. It’s only ours to borrow, let’s save some for tomorrow – leave it and pass it on down.” Alabama

Ps 37:11