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Scrappers, Scrapperettes secure wins against Fountain Lake



Maddi Horton prepares to take a shot under the basket with a Lady
Cobra defender playing close defense. Horton ended Tuesday night
with six points

Sports Reporter
NASHVILLE – This past Tuesday,
the Nashville Scrapper
Arena opened its doors for the
first time this year for a double
header of Nashville High School
In only the second game at
home this season for both the
Scrapperette and Scrapper basketball
teams and the first this
year, both teams took on the rival
Cobras from Fountain Lake.
Both the teams representing
Nashville were able to secure
wins but in varying fashions.
For the Scrapperettes the
Lady Cobras posed little to no
threat throughout the majority
of the game with the final score
ending up being an
18-point victory, 53-35 for
the Scrapperettes.
The first period set the
tone the Scrapperettes
planned to keep up for
the rest of the game. In
the opening period Nashville’s
defense only allowed
Fountain Lake to score
four points. In an answer
to the Lady Cobra’s four
points, Asia Munn scored
eight points, Lilly Kidd and
Kendall Kirchhoff scored
three apiece and Madi
Miller scored two points
for Nashville to bring the
score to 14-4 going into the
second period.
On paper the second period
was much closer than
the first as Fountain Lake
was able to find their way
to the basket and scored
13 points.
The Scrapperettes behind
KeeKee Richardson
and Miller with four points
and Maddi Horton, Kirchhoff
and Munn with two
points respectivley again
scored 14 points.
Even with the one point
difference between the
scoring of the two teams
in the second period, going
into the half Nashville
held a commanding lead
at 28-17.
After the half the Scrapperettes
dialed up their
defense again and the Lady
Cobras only scored four
points in the third period.
In contrast the Nashville
offense had their best
period of the game in
the third with Munn leading
the way with eight
points, Kidd with two
made three pointers and
Horton with a pair of free
throws to give Nashville 16
points in the period. The
high scoring period further
built the Scrapperette lead
to 44-21.
In the final period Fountain
Lake was able to score
14 points but it was too
little too late as Nashville
was able to score nine
points from Richardson
and Horton with six and
two points respectively.
Munn led the team in
scoring with 16 points followed
by Richardson with
ten and Kidd with nine
After the girl’s win, the
Scrappers took the court
to face their rivals from
Fountain Lake.
Nashville had something
to prove Tuesday
night playing Fountain
Lake. Last season the two
teams met twice and both
times the Cobras were able
to best the Scrappers, but
this game the Scrappers
squeaked by with a two
point win, 44-42.
The first period was
a low scoring one and
that narrative followed
throughout the majority
of the game. In the first
Fountain Lake scored just
seven points from two
made three pointers and
a made free throw. Nashville
was able to muster
up 10 points from Darius
Hopkins with eight points
and Trey Hughes with two.
The second period was
the lowest scoring for both
The Scrapper defense
was able to hold the Cobras
to just four points in
the period.
Yet the Scrapper offense
only scored four points in
the period also with two
points coming from Hopkins
and two from Hughes.
This low scoring half gave
Nashville a slim lead of 14-
11 going into half time.
After the half the scoring
from both teams increased.
In the third period
both teams were able
to score in double digits.
Fountain Lake scored
ten points and behind
Dea’Jeon Armstrong, Hopkins
and Hughes all with
three points each and CJ
Spencer and Troy Thomas
with two points apiece,
Nashville was able to score
13 points.
In the final period the
Cobras sprang back to life
and outscored the Scrappers
The game stayed close
throughout the fourth period.
Within the final minutes
the game was just a
one score game and the
Fountain Lake was able to
get a few key fouls late to
force Nashville into free
With just seconds left
in the game the Cobras
inbounded the ball down
by just two points. From
almost half court a Fountain
Lake player took what
would have been the game winning
shot but it fell short and
bounced off the front of the rim
as the game expired.
With the easy win by the
Scrapperettes and the nail
biter from the Scrappers, the
two teams will look to continue
winning when they travel to
Arkadelphia on Friday.