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Book Review: Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not So Perfect Pet Sitter


Kaitlynn O’Connor
Nashville Elementary Student

Aloha! It’s me, Kaitlynn
O’Connor. This week I recommend
you read Dork
Diaries: Tales From A Not So
Perfect Pet Sitter, by Rachel
Renee Russell.
After Mackenzie transferred
to North Hampton
Hills International Academy,
life seems just about
perfect. (Minus all the tacky
junk kids put at her old locker
hogging Nikki’s space)
But, and of course, there is
always a but!, when Nikki
and Brandon go to Cupcakery,
guess who comes
barging in to interrupt?
Mackenzie, of course, and
she is out for revenge on
When Nikki and Brandon
find a Golden Retriever and
a box with seven puppies
in it, Mackenzie threatened
to call the Channel 6 investigative
news team! So,
Brandon, Nikki, Chloe, and
Zoey all have to take shifts
taking care of them for one
night. And, unfortunately,
Miss Bri-Bri is back, and
has opened a disastrous
new paw salon! Dun! Dun!
Dun! It’s time for a manure
spa soak!
I think this book teaches
a very valuable lesson. Babysitting
a little kid is a nightmare,
babysitting dogs can
be fun. Babysitting a little
kid and eight dogs is horrific!
I hope that when my
brother turns six he won’t
act like Brianna. I would
rip my hair out! I bet you
I wouldn’t look good bald!
Another valuable lesson,
don’t get a pet before you’re
ready! If you don’t take care
of it, it could die. Also, never
give a six-year-old a pet!
Never! Never! Never, never,
never give a six-year-old a
pet! Especially a fish. It will
get a nice, hot bubble bath
and die. Ewwww! Well, so
do live ones, but dead ones
smell worse!
This is a very funny
book, so if you’re looking
for a laugh, give this one a
try! I know I’ll read this one
again! Thanks for reading,
have a great day!
n n n
Editor’s note… In the
month of November 2015,
Kaitlynn O’Connor, a
Nashville Elementary 5th
Grade student, spent 16.1
hours reading and has read
a total of 43 books. She was
the top performing reader
in the state of Arkansas for
the month of November and
was featured in The Nashville
News edition printed
Dec. 3.

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