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Time of the Season


From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

It’s hard for me to believe
I’ve been here over 58 years,
and home for nearly 30. I’ve
lived through a few tribulations,
but all in all, had a darn
good life. This community
has been good to me and my
family, and for the most part,
southwest Arkansas is close
to Heaven. On the south end,
we’ve got crappie fishing at
its finest and the most southern
trout fishery in North
America. You can travel
less than an hour North and
see a black bear, white tail
deer, green head mallards
and fox squirrel are here in
abundance, and Yankees are
few, and mostly quiet.
We’re home to the Nashville
Scrappers, Kirby Trojans,
Dierks Outlaws, Umpire
Wildcats, Mineral Springs
Hornets and North America’s
ONLY Diamond mine,
not to mention Lake Greeson,
and Camp Albert.
Center Point peaches,
turnip greens, REAL cornbread,
BBQ, and fresh fried
bream are here for our dining
A cowman’s dream,
where broiler litter is abundant,
real estate is relatively
cheap, and we operate without
much obstruction makes
southwest Arkansas home
for me.
On the other hand, we
have a challenging thistle
problem, privet hedge, and
James Reed.
So, the good outweighs
the bad, and we’re enjoying
this holiday season here in
the land of the free.
That’s all this week, may
you be blessed by he, who
understands all.
“Joyful, joyful, we adore
John 3:16