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Early Files for the Week of November 30, 2015


118 years ago: 1897
The cold nights and
heavy frosts we have had
this week have been very
acceptable to the people
throughout the South;
as greatly reducing and
nearly exterminating the
yellow fever which has
been raging to a greater
or less extent in many of
the Southern towns and
cities. The rigid quarantine
has been raised and
business and traffic is
again rapidly assuming
normal conditions.
The territorial livestock
quarantine expired
at midnight last night,
and as a result it is estimated
50,000 head of
cattle waiting along the
line for a week will be
brought in from Texas
and the Indian Territory,
giving Oklahoma farmers
an immediate market for
their surplus of corn, hay
and fodder.
(Adv.) 1500 pounds of
pork for sale at 5 cents a
pound. Call John Cowling
110 years ago: 1905
Last Sunday was the
55th anniversary of the
marriage of Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Levi of this city.
Nathan married Margaret
Willis on Nov. 26, 1850, in
Dangerfield, Texas and
nine children were born
to them, most of whom
are living now.
Mr. Levi is a Bavarian
and was born in 1826. His
mother died and he came
to America with his father
and brothers in 1843.
They settled in St. Louis.
He and his older brother
came to Arkansas in
1845 and settled at Washington
in Hempstead
After two years his
brother went to California
and Mr. Levi moved to
the present site of Centre
Point and opened a store
there in 1848.
A post office was established
and Mr. Levi gave
the place the name Centre
Point. He remained at
Centre Point until 1860.
Nathan and Margaret Levi
moved to several other
locations but eventually
located in Nashville.
(Adv.) Now is the time
to break land. The Oliver
Chilled Plow is what you
want. A.L. Skillern has
them all
74 years ago: 1941
The first fall shipment
of garments from the Red
Cross sewing rooms in
Nashville went out Saturday,
and their destination
was Russia.
The shipment contained
300 pounds of
clothing made by the local
women for the relief
work of the Red Cross.
The shipment included:
86 hospital gowns, 65
boys’ shirts and 160 girls’
woolen skirts.
Ginning in Howard
County to November 14
was but little over half
the ginning to the same
date last year, according
to the report of Marion O.
Farley, special agent.
Only 2,762 bales were
ginned this year as compared
with 5,220 bales to
the same date last year.
(Adv.) Liberty Theatre,
Paramount Presents
Clarence E. Mulford’s
“Wide Open Town” featuring
William Boyd, also
27 years ago: 1988
Army Pvt. Janie R.
Fulcher recently completed
basic training at
Fort Jackson, S.C.
She is the daughter
of Leta Fulcher of Nashville
and the late Floyd
She is now stationed
at Fort Sam Houston,
Texas, for special training
in medical service.
She will graduate as an
Emergency Medical Technician
Medical Specialist.
The biggest deer to be
photographed this year
by The News was brought
in this week by Rudolph
Draper of Saratoga who
shot the 15 point, 178
pound animal south of

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