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Honesty: A Lonely Word


From the Barnyard
by Mike Graves

Y’all know I would be
a poor preacher, and I’m
a mediocre theologian at
best, but I’d like to share
something Skip Bell at
Howard Memorial told me;
He came to the realization
that he had made his children
“gods.” that is to say,
he placed them up so high,
and relied so much on their
existence for his happiness,
that he elevated them
above mere humans and
made them deities. And
because Skip is a devout,
deep thinking Christian,
he knows there is nothing
greater, than our one
creator God, and that it is
wrong to make ANYTHING
“god” (Yes, Skip has a zany
streak,and that’s why we
pick on him so much.)
The thought gave me
pause for reflection under
the Corinth night skies
recently, and I took stock
of the “gods” I’ve created
in my 58 years.
My family, my cows, my
farm, my job,nature, etc.
All the things I love, I’ve
made “gods” out of at some
time. How unfair to my wife
and kids to rely on them for
my happiness. And, how
selfish I can be to have the
thought that somehow our
Creator has a cruel streak
when tragedy strikes.
The truth; God is a deity,
and I am human. I can’t
begin to understand why
He allows bad things to
happen to good people.
I will go to my grave not
understanding and (hopefully)
never try to rationalise
If we’re honest with ourselves,
we will admit there
are things that happen that
will never make sense to
us. Especially for those
amongst us who believe
in a living God.”Illogical”,
as Mr. Spock used to say
on Star Trek.
That’s my thought for
this week, you’ve probably
not learned anything,
ME? I’ve reaffirmed my
fallible, human side, and
will wrestle with the same
thoughts again under the
Corinth skies, God willing.
“Honesty is such a lonely
word, but mostly what I
need from you.”Billy Joel
Prov 3 5;6
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