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Ellen Degeneres Pizza


by Baxter Black, DVM
LINE! OH, NO! Care2
gathered more than 1,800
signatures! To the dismay of
animal rights activists and
vegan martyrs, her “luxury
lifestyle” brand of clothing
has added a $250 pair of
Brazilian shoes.
I would guess Ellen is a
pretty tough cookie. She
has promoted herself as a
vegan and animal rights advocate.
Now she’s offended
them. It’s common whenever
the extremist’s lobbyists
get their claws into susceptible,
famous prey like Ellen,
they cling like kudzu. Some
quotes of her predators now
heaping shame and disappointment
on her: “I’m so
saddened…”, “…I hope our
voices will remind her…”,
“…it isn’t just heart breaking,
it’s baffling.”
Lately Ms. DeGeneres has
moved off the end of animal
right and vegan activism.
She was thrown insults by
the parasitic extremists for
treating her crew to a pizza
party. The pizza was contaminated
with cheese! Not
a felony in the real world
where now less than 2% of
the U.S. population claims to
be some sort of vegetarian,
and the number is declining.
She also became the face
of Cover Girl, which tests
on animals and is not plantbased.
Would they rather
test on humans, maybe Syrian
refugees pounding at
the gates of Europe? Ms.
De explained her vegetarian
choice because, “I’ve never
seen a happy cow.”
She lives in a different
world than most of us. She
has gone overboard to help
causes she believes in, but
time goes by and the edge
wears smoother. I don’t think
she hates 98% of Americans
because we eat steak,
chicken nuggets, BBQ ribs,
Ben and Jerry’s, pizza and
yogurt. It’s likely that her
television audience is made
up of regular people, 98% of
whom eat meat and don’t
protest Cover Girl.
We live in a real world. In
her world it is hard to see
us in the audience when
the stage lights are bright.
She is limited to advisors
that she pays. Eventually
a performer, politician, or
columnist begins to believe
that he or she knows more
than their fans. The logic is,
if they like me, then I really
must know what I’m talking
about! And their enabling sycophants
lead them around
by the nose.
Care2 claims 32 million
members. They stirred up
1,800 petition signatures
and called it a “Massive
Back Lash!” Ms. De’s television
audience when she
last hosted the Oscars in
2014 was 44 million. If she’d
asked for a show of hands
from the 44 million head
audience, how many of them
liked cheese on their pizza,
whataya think?
She has done well as an
entertainer. Any entrepreneur
who becomes successful
the hard way deserves
credit and, she may not
be as gullible as it seems.
Or maybe she’s beginning
to walk in our shoes for a
while? I’ve seen thousands
of contented cows.
I also have a personal
reason to tell her to “stand
her ground”. The first time
I was on the Tonight Show
with Johnny Carson, the
show ran long and I was the
last act to appear that night.
In Johnny’s sign-off he apologized
for not having the time
for another guest waiting in
the Green Room, “An up and
coming young comedienne,
Ellen Degeneres, maybe next