Election List finalized Monday


    Nicole Tracy
    NASHVILLE – The list of candidates
    running for office in Howard County was
    finalized on Monday.
    Eleven of the candidates are running
    as a Republican, thirteen are running as a
    Democrat, and three are running as Independents.
    The filings will be certified by the County
    Clerk within the next few days.
    County Judge- Kevin Smith (Republican)
    County Clerk- Keri Teague (Republican)
    County Treasurer- Sheri Mixon (Republican)
    Circuit Clerk- Angie Lewis (Democrat)
    County Assessor- Debbie Teague (Democrat)
    Sheriff/Collector- Bryan McJunkins (Independent)
    County Coroner- John Gray (Republican)
    Constable TWP 1- Albert Motta (Democrat)
    Constable TWP 3- Andrew McCauley (Republican),
    David E. Ray (Democrat)
    JP District 1- Kerry Strasner (Independent)
    JP District 2- Gary Welch (Republican), Archie “Cotton”
    W. Cothren (Democrat)
    JP District 3- Richard “Dick” Wakefield (Republican)
    JP District 4- Janice Huffman (Independent)
    JP District 5- Jerry Harwell (Republican), Julie Tuck
    JP District 6- Brent Pinkerton (Independent)
    JP District 7- Martha Hobbs (Democrat)
    JP District 8- Kirk Bell (Democrat)
    JP District 9- Bobby Don Turner (Democrat)
    Ward 1, Pos 1- Matthew Smith (Republican)
    Ward 1, Pos 2- Joe Hoen (Republican)
    Ward 2, Pos 1- Donna Harwell (Republican)
    Ward 2, Pos 2- Nick Davis (Democrat)
    Ward 3, Pos 1- no candidate
    Ward 3, Pos 2- Vivian Annie Wright (Democrat)
    Ward 4, Pos 1- no candidate
    Ward 4, Pos 2- no candidate
    Ward 5, Pos 1- no candidate
    Ward 5, Pos 2- Carol Mitchell (Republican)
    Ward 6, Pos 1- Andy Anderson (Democrat)
    Ward 6, Pos 2- Michael C. Milum (Democrat)