Hospital Board of Directors approves three growth initiatives


    NASHVILLE — The Howard Memorial
    Hospital Board of Directors
    approved three new growth initiatives
    during a Tuesday meeting.
    HMH Radiology Director Stacy
    Harberson presented information
    on developing an outpatient Radiology
    Center in De Queen.
    The walk-in clinic at De Queen
    has a need for this service and currently
    has an x-ray room that is not
    being used.
    Harberson said that the local
    hospital receives a large volume of
    patients from De Queen and that
    many patients are unhappy with
    the turn around time for results to
    be received.
    The space will be leased and include
    new digital equipment setup
    similar to Howard Memorial. The
    clinic is open 54 hours a week and
    about seven additional employees
    will be needed.
    HMH Chief Financial Officer Bill
    Craig said they expect to break even
    within one year of operation, with
    estimates of just over 5,000 procedures.
    Craig said the actual number
    should be above 7,000 procedures
    with an average revenue estimate
    of $230 per procedure.
    Clinic staff would send patients
    to Howard Memorial for any additional
    services or screenings that
    might be needed. HMH Chief Executive
    Officer Debra Wright said this
    would protect their market share
    in that area, as well as providing a
    needed service to the community.
    Total expenses for this project
    would be around $182,000.
    Other initiatives approved during
    the meeting occurred during a
    presentation by Gayla Beaird.
    The hospital board gave the go
    ahead to a 30 day heart monitor
    program and stress testing. Three
    cardiologists currently operate
    satellite clinics at Nashville and at
    least one has expressed interest in
    providing stress testing.
    Beaird said this service was
    provided in the old hospital facility,
    however the equipment quit
    functioning and was never repaired
    or replaced.
    Local physicians have also given
    their approval for stress testing and
    the expense to get the program
    started will be almost $27,000. CFO
    Craig said that stress testing budgets
    estimate that there will not be
    much revenue generated, however
    this should improve and only five
    patients are budgeted per month.
    During the financial report, Craig
    noted that the Days Cash on Hand
    indicator did not meet target because
    of significant capital outlay
    with the new buildings and furnishings
    exceeding $600,000.
    The month of September had outpatient visits,
    emergency department visits and surgery cases above
    budget. Outpatient visits have grown by over five percent
    from last year.
    Craig said that all of the new clinics are up and running,
    seeing large volumes of patients. He informed
    the board that the inpatient average daily census did
    not meet budget and said there were also unfavorable
    results from a rate study used for valuing Physician
    Accounts Receivables.
    The board appointed Dr. Andre Paixao to the medical
    staff and also approved Dr. Glenn Lance to the board
    of directors. Lance will replace board member Barry
    Wright in January.
    Board member Julie Rhodes volunteered to also
    serve on the HMH Foundation Board. Bylaws require
    that two board members represent the board of directors
    on the foundation board, with the other member
    being Dr. John Hearnsberger.

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