Pike County Election Commission votes to change many voting locations


    Pike County Clipped

    MURFREESBORO – Having just finished the 2015 school board elections, the Pike County Election Commission has taken a hard look at polling locations across the county and has decided to make some changes in 2016.

    Those changes reflect several reasons – handicapped accessibility, buildings with better facilities (bathroom, HVAC) and internet access, as Pike County is expecting to receive new voting equipment by the 2016 General Election in November of next year.

    The new equipment is not expected to be received by the upcoming primary elections in March.

    “They’ve been trying to hold off, if they could, but several changed needed to be made,” said a source with knowledge of the situation.

    Another reason that some polling locations will be consolidated is to save Pike County additional cost in the form of having to purchase more voting machines than they are currently allocated.

    The location changes that will be made are:

    • The closing of Pisgah and Antoine precincts, which will be combined into the Delight precinct. Voting in Delight will take place at the Hendrix Building on the Delight School Campus.
    • Langley and Lodi precincts will now vote at the Pilgrim’s Rest Church. The former location was at the Langley Volunteer Fire Department.
    • Daisy precinct will now vote at the North Pike County Rural Water Building. Gayle’s Restaurant was the former location.
    • North and South Glenwood precinct will now vote collectively in the Martin Building on the Pike County Fairgrounds.

    The Pike County Clerk will be sending official notices through the mail to each affected registered voter.

    For more information, contact one of the Pike County Election Commissioners – Cleta Cooper, John Benjamin or Dr. Terry Hutson.

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