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Caddo Hills junior girls finish four in top five at Acorn


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ACORN – Caddo Hills Junior Girls walked away with their division at the opening meet of the cross country season, finishing the race with four girls in the top five spots. Host Acorn earned the win in the junior boys division.
Lilli Hunt earned the victory for Caddo Hills with a time of 10:11.7. Abby West finished third with a time of 10:20.2, followed by Wraylin Phillips with a time of 10:21 and Taylor A. with a time of 10:22. Gracis Davis finished in 10th place with a time of 10:58.6, followed by Sara Bershers with a time of 11:01.5 (13th place) and Tracey Booners with a time of 11:47.9 (27th place).
Ashlynn Bissell of Acorn earned the number two spot with a time of 10:15.2 to lead Acorn to a second place finish.
Sophie Jackson finished in 15th place with a time of 11:10.2 . Lexi Powell finished in 17th place with a time of 11:13.5 and Tallie finished in 18th place with a time of 11:17.2. Alyssa Warren finished in 23rd place (11:36.4), Corryn Holland finished in 29th place (11:50.1) and Allie Strother finished in 31st place (11:53).
Mount Ida finished fourth in the junior girls division with Schute leading the team with a sixth place finish with a time of 10:30.
Other Mount Ida competitors were: Braelynne Bates (19th place, 11:17.3), Addison Black (25th place, 1141.3), Isabella T. (33rd place, 11:56.6), Kirsten Gibbs (35th place, 12:06.9), Jessica Swindle (37th place, 12:19.9) and Madison Smith (43rd place, 12:37.6).
In the Junior Boys division, Kenny Denley led Acorn to a win with a first place finish in the individual results with a time of 8:49.2. Tyler Bates finished in sixth place with a time of 9:08.6.
Other Acorn competitors were: Jeb Willborg (11th place, 9:15.4), Matthew Chaney (12th place, 9:21.9), Brady Lyle (15th place, 9:32.3), Cody Abbott (18th place, 9:38.4) and Leo Jacinto (20th place, 9:43.9).
Caddo Hills finished in fourth place in the junior boys division with Daniel Gonzalez leading the team with a seventh place finish on a time of 9:08.6.
Other Caddo Hills competitors were: Crawford (16th place, 9:32.4), Skylor Hatton (33th place, 10:39.6), Justin Hill (34th place, 10:40), Chris Bour (38th place, 11:13), Ty Beggs (47th place, 11:51.7) and Andy Jackson (52nd place, 12:32).
In Senior Girls’ action, Acorn finished in second place with Mount Ida earning a fourth place finish in the team ranks.
Morgan Fagan and Faith Hill finished fourth in fifth respectively with times of 21:39.8 and 21:40. Kendra Branson finished ninth with a time of 22:20.7.
Other Acorn competitors were: Elizabeth Still (23rd place, 25:16.3), Brittany Whilhite (24th place, 25:21.3), Harley Daring (34th place, 26:39.8) and Breanna Jones (40th place, 28:06.2).
Natalie Hughbanks turned in the fastest time for Mount Ida with a 19th place finish on a time of 23:57.3. Jordan Farmer finished 20th with a time of 24:11.3.
Other Mount Ida competitors were: Mattie (37th, 27:26.9), Patty Anne Whisenhunt (49th place, 29:41.3), Lauren Wingfield (51st place, 29:47.7) and Mallory Carr (54th place, 33:36.3).
In Senior Boys action, Caddo Hills and Acorn finished third and fifth respectively.
Junior Gonzalez finished third with a time of 17:48.9.
Other Caddo Hills competitors include: Josh Stone (25th place, 19:46.7), Tyler Brumwell (26th place, 19:55.2), Hunter Blackwood (27th place, 20:02.4), Chandler (28th place, 20:08.2), Israel (48th place, 21:50.7) and Josh Qualls (67th place, 25:15.1)
Acorn competitors include: Nathan Chaney (41st place, 21:11.1), Logan Frost (46th place, 21:47.1), Troy Cearley (51st place, 22:07.4), Aaron Bissell (64th place, 24:04.8), Ethan Bird (65th place, 24:05.9), Brandon Stovall (71st place, 25:34.2) and Dylan Hayner (76th place, 27:02.7).

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