Poblano’s owner to take over El Portrero building


    MINERAL SPRINGS – Following the recent closure of a Mineral Springs restaurant, El Potrero, a local and well-known restaurant will fill the newly open space- Papa Poblano’s Mexican Cafe.
    The Mineral Springs restaurant site will be serving its seventh location. Other locations are in Oklahoma- Broken Bow and Idabel as well as in Arkansas- De Queen, Mena, El Dorado and Nashville.
    Josue Sanchez, owner and manager of the Nashville location, says he chose the Mineral Springs location because he lives in the area and realizes the town’s need for a new, tasty restaurant. He sees opening the Mineral Springs restaurant as an opportunity to grow professionally and extend his passion for the food industry.
    Originally, Sanchez was from Mexico City. “When I was about 17 years old, I had a dream. My dream was about cars and cars were hard to get in Mexico,” said Sanchez. It did not take him long to realize that he would have to come to the United States and find financial stability before he could pursue his dream of building cars.
    Sanchez came to the United States and learned to cook and by doing so, discovered he had not only one passion, but two- cars and cooking. “Cooking allows for cars,” said Sanchez. “I am building a C10 1986 Chevrolet right now and it is my baby, but I have other babies too.”
    The restaurant owner has been living his dream since 1998 when he first joined the restaurant business. He said he enjoys it because he loves to cook and enjoys pleasing his customers. “I do my very best in the kitchen every day,” said Sanchez “and people seem to like my food, which makes me very happy.”
    Sanchez, along with his wife Paola and cook, Ernesto Nava, will be back and forth between the Nashville and Mineral Springs locations. He is currently hiring other staff members such as waiters/waitresses.
    “I am very lucky to have the greatest team of employees possible. They are like family,” said Sanchez.
    Currently, Sanchez and his team are working on cleaning the new location and opening a window into the kitchen from the dining area so customers can see their food being cooked.
    The Mineral Springs location will have the same menu as the Nashville location. Sanchez also plans to add colorful decorations and music to enhance the dining experience at Papa Poblano’s newest site.
    There is no exact opening date for the Mineral Springs café, but Sanchez is hopeful that it will be within the next few weeks, pending arrival of menus and a sign.