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Unexpected costs delay purchase of accounting software for Tollette



TOLLETTE – Unexpected costs are delaying a controversial purchase of software by the town of Tollette, the town’s council heard at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening.
The previous month, the council had narrowly approved a measure to purchase accounting software which Tollette mayor Charles Miller claimed would help the town avoid the sort of errors that have plagued previous audits of the municipality’s financial records. The measure had passed on a three to two vote over the strenuous objections of council member Glenda Reed.
At this month’s meeting, Miller reported that to his chagrin the purchase would have to be delayed, citing a need to replace the computer the town currently uses and potential costs for replacing two pumps in the town’s sewage treatment system. He reported that the computer used by the town’s recorder/treasurer, Dorothy Walker – who also serves as the town’s water department clerk – would not be capable of running the water billing software add-on also approved by the council last month and the accounting software. Additionally, Miller mentioned that a pump at the Silver Street lift station and the pump on the town’s discharge chlorinator were both not functioning properly and would likely require either expensive repairs or replacement.
Miller noted that any one of those expenses would still allow for the purchase of the software, but that he did not feel comfortable with the possibility of all three expenses, plus that of the software purchase, falling within the same month.
Miller also reported that the software provider’s annual service fee for providing technical support was marginally above what he had estimated for the council, being $635 per year instead of the approximately $500 per year that he had named in the last meeting.
Miller admitted that although the town’s financial state is largely unchanged from previous months, the town has many long-term obligations that restrict how the town can spend money. Payments of loans the town has taken out for various reasons over the years make up the overwhelming majority of those expenses, he noted.
In more salubrious news, Miller reported that the municipality’s public works manager, Andoval Williams, was not at Tuesday’s meeting because he was attending the final class required for him to receive full licensing as a water and sewer operator.
Council member Brenda Porter additionally reported that she and fellow council member Sharonda Miller, who was not present, were nearing completion on a set of usage rules for the town’s park. She also said that they expected a representative from a grant-making agency to inspect the park Friday. She stated that she hoped that the agency would grant the town funds to improve the park.
Before the actual start of the town council meeting, the council and some local residents held an extended discussion about the alleged closure of a county road by a private citizen. Residents stated that cattle guards and locked gates had been placed on Funderburg Rd. between Tollette and the Tollette cemetery.
Miller reported that he had contacted the county judge. Another resident suggested pulling the gates down with a chain.
The mayor stated that residents of the town should contact their quorum court member, Bobby Don Turner, and should also consider attending the next quorum court.
Speaking after the meeting, County Judge Kevin Smith stated that he had spoken to the cattle rancher in question, and that he believes the issue is resolved. He reported that the long-standing agreement with the rancher was that the road would be blocked only for limited time while cattle are moved. He also said that signage is to be placed any time that cattle are blocking the road.

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