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“This farm is a team-effort,” said Bryan Billings. Making up that team are his four children – Morgan, Chloe, Dillon, and Dalton Billings.
Morgan, 21 years old, will soon receive a General Studies degree from Henderson State University specializing in Psychology, Sociology, and Fine Arts. She hopes to work with people with special needs in the future.
She has been a member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Mu Chapter sorority since Fall 2012 and enjoys riding four-wheelers in her spare time. Her main job around the farm is picking up chickens. She said she is “proud of her dad because of all the hard work he has put in to get the family where they are today.”
Morgan is thankful to have received the award because it is a symbol of hard work and dedication.
The thing she enjoys most about growing up on the farm is how close it brings her family together. “Even though we work hard, it makes us closer. It is not your average 8-5 job where the family is split up during the day,” said Morgan.
Morgan’s eight year old sister, Chloe, will be in the third grade at Dierks Elementary School for the upcoming year. She likes to ride four-wheelers with her brothers and read Junie B. Jones Books. This year is her second year to play pee-wee basketball.
Chloe’s favorite chore around the farm is picking up chickens.
The younger of the two boys, Dillon, is 15 years old and will be a sophomore at Nashville High School for the upcoming school year. He is a member of the trap team and participates in FFA. He has shown cows for four years.
Dillon spends his free time hunting and fishing. Being named Farm Family of the year for the county is an honor to Dillon because “the whole family has worked hard for it.”
From the farm, a sense of work ethic has been instilled in Dillon.
The oldest boy of the family, Dalton, is 16 years old and will be a junior in the fall. He is a member of FFA and has shown cows for five years.
A favorite memory of his from growing up on the farm is killing a buck with a 20 inch spread when he was eight years old and hunting with his dad.
His main jobs around the farm are fixing fence, cutting hay, and bush hogging.
Dalton said his experiences with the farm will definitely help him later in life because he plans on having a farm of his own. “The experience is priceless,” said Dalton.

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