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The Green Monster

When you hear the word jealousy what’s the first thing you think of? A time when you we’re jealous of someone? Or something they had? How about just getting an uneasy feeling. There are times when jealousy attacks me,just as I’m sure it attacks you. There are times when I’m not happy with life or choices I have made.

As a Christian mom I should not be like that, I should be able to just be happy and wait for my turn. Unfortunately we are all human and make mistakes. Eventually though enough is enough! Big or small jealousy should never control lives. Before I got to where I am (and I am no where near what I need to be) when someone would say they were getting married or having a baby, I would put a smile on my face and say congratulations then turn around and think I wish that was me and let jealousy take over.

Jealousy is a green monster that will quickly and quietly take over your life. There are times I’ll be jealous over someone who has an energy drink. Really?! I so do not need that but they have something I don’t. There was a time I really messed up, a time when the monster almost caused me to lose a good friend because I let the monster control my life. I wasn’t the friend I could’ve been and all because, “I had waited longer than she had to find what she had found.” She found what I thought I needed at the time in my life. I put on the happy face but then would make sarcastic comments and complain that I didn’t have certain things in my life. Her big moment should have went a whole lot better. For that I am truly sorry! I want to apologize for the ways I hurt my friend. So thankful we are still friends. She is expecting a baby boy and I honestly cannot be more excited for her.

God has given me peace about things I have jealousy over. I still struggle with it but I’m thankful my friend has forgiven me and our friendship has grown. If you’re like me and struggle with it, Kick that green monster out of your life!

James 3:16 says “for where you have envy and selfishness there you will find disorder and evil practice ” God has an amazing plan for me and when it’s my time it will be awesome.

Let go and let God


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