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HE and ME

“ Just ask Him”

Well, it has been an adventure moving into this new house. It was quite a trip to move from Oklahoma to Arkansas in a U haul truck. The day started out just fine, my driver talked the whole way and that was fine, he even wanted to pull over and pick up a turtle that was on its own little merry way across the road. So once we had our third passenger, she ( as he called her, and I don’t doubt he knew the sex of this creature, cause I sure didn’t) commenced to pee all over his leg and my jacket. We proceeded onto Oklahoma and began loading my things, in the hot burning sun. He was very good at talking and packing the truck, but then it became something else all together as we drove through Sonic on our way home. We ordered and came up to the window to pay for our food, and all I heard was the sound of bending metal and the side mirror hitting the glass, then the same sounds occurred as we backed up, and the awning came away from the Sonic building. We had over stepped our clearance, and at this moment I am thinking “Hopefully the insurance (thank God I took this out on the U haul truck) will cover it.” Then about 5 miles down the road as we were leaving, the driver decides to tell he knocked over the order/mic box also, the policeman nor manager of the said business just did not see it. So, as you suspect I was very glad to finally get to Arkansas and unload my things and go to bed, in my own bed, in my own home for the first time.

But the next day as I was putting my home together and opening boxes like it was Christmas and finding old things, as if they were new again, I thought of the previous days events, and laughed and sighed. It made me think how we find our place with Jesus in our hearts and it’s new and exciting for the first little while and then we go through a valley, then build up to the mountain top again.

Life is like this storm (test) and then when we pass the test and we find happiness and joy, a victory. So you see sometimes days like these are just little tests over and over, and then you go home (Jesus) and find the happiness and peace and calm you needed. I believe that the Lord is just waiting for us to just ask Him to help us through the big things and the little things (the little tests and the big ones).

James 4:2 states “Yet you have not, because you ask not.”

So it occurred to me that if I would just ask Him for the help to get through each thing, even if it’s little, He just might. So from now on I have decided that each morning when I wake up, I will pray these things: Lord let me be a blessing to someone who comes my way (even if they can’t drive, or drive me nuts), Lord may my words be your words (so I don’t speak unkindly), let my actions be your actions (so I will always use character), and Lord please lead my steps and give me favor. And oh yea, one more thing: may my body be a fat burning machine. So when the storms and tests come and go all we have to do is ask and He promises that He will be right beside us,through all our adventures. Jesus is my strength and my shield and He will never fail me– Casting Crowns.

Philippians 4:13

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. I can
do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Merry Christmas in June,


https://youtu.be/qQ71RWJhS_M?list=RDEa-uQFPcvaM Thrive by Casting Crown