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Huck The Hock

Some of us are paying attention, some are (wisely) not paying attention,or giving any credence to comments of former radio announcer, preacher,President of the Southern Baptist Convention,Lt gov., Governor, Health Professional, News commentator, perpetual fund raiser, Republican presidential candidate , (Dang, make up your mind!) Mike Huckabee, regarding the state of our nation, planet,and universe, circa 2015.

In the quest for the Oval office, he’s counting on we the people to be swayed by anti Obama rhetoric,and forget his antics when he (acted) as governor of Arkansas. And I say acted, because, according to legislators and the late Lt Gov. Win Rockefeller, Gov Huckabee was absent during much of the sessions, especially when they had to roll up their sleeves and make difficult decisions. He did manage to show up to promote his latest book when the TV cameras were there.

Mike Huckabee was legendary to lecture,and personally admonish, anyone, (especially Republican traitors) who dared disagree with or point out when he,the emperor Huckabee,had no clothes on. God help you if he sent his beloved followers.

The late Swampy Graves and I were recipients of one of these sermons when we wrote the “Governor” and suggested he be more forthright with questions regarding his foundation,”Action America”,( you know,” foundation”, as in the one he so loudly and often criticizes Candidate Hillary Clinton about).The response we got from then Gov Huckabee caused my Dad to remark,”Better stay away from this guy,John Starr is right,he’s paranoid.”

In closing, I ,former Howard county chairperson for US Senate Candidate Huckabee, wish whoever Mike Huckabee is this week, would go back to his luxurious Florida beach house, and leave the money he is so desperate for, here in Arkansas.

Oh, one of y’all Johnny come lately preachy Republicans,:please call our former first lady and tell her we don’t have a land line anymore for her after hours attitude adjustment calls!

“Sky Pilot!Sky Pilot! How high can you fly?You’ll never ever,ever, reach the sky!”The Animals”

“I,for one, am sick and tired of old worn out phrases like;”Grunt big for Daddy!Grunt big for Daddy!”Jack Handey “Deep Thoughts”

“How dare you make my fathers house a place of merchandise!Get your money and get out!!!!”

The words of Jesus Christ, Nazareth Carpenter, in John 2:16.

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