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Local ABC school hopes to fill 80 open positions


The Nashville ABC School is currently accepting applications to fill 80 open spots. The school services three and four year olds who will turn that age by Aug. 1.
“ABC” stands for “Arkansas Better Chance,” and is grant-funded through the state. The building is owned by the Nashville school district and the program is aligned with the Nashville school calendar, but is coordinated by the DeQueen – Mena Educational Co-op.
The Nashville ABC school offers a variety of programs, even some for those who do not attend.

For example, the school provides on–campus special education as well as physical, occupational, speech and behavioral therapies. Each student is screened to ensure that they are age appropriate in all areas of development. However, if a parent or guardian with a child that does not attend Nashville ABC has a concern about their child’s development, the school can have them screened and offers home or daycare-based therapies.
There are seven classrooms at Nashville ABC, each containing a licensed teacher and paraprofessional. They follow their own curriculum, which is partially comprised of teaching vital social skills, such as how to get along with others and how to follow a routine. Students also learn math, science and language based on state frameworks.
Director Andrea Pinegar explained that the program provides very “hands-on” education to ensure focus and understanding of the young minds through experimentation and exploration, which comes in the form of field trips, guest speakers and learning centers.
No less than 2 hours and 20 minutes a day is devoted to free-choice, play-based learning centers. Math manipulative centers, science and writing centers, dramatic play or sensory centers involving sand and water are just a few that the children may choose from.
Each classroom also contains the latest technology to enhance learning experiences – smart boards, iPads and iPods.
“We are prepping them for kindergarten,” stated Pinegar. “Now, kids are reading and writing and working on a much more advanced level in kindergarten than what they used to. We are basically what kindergarten used to be.”
Nashville ABC also offers the HIPPY program, or “Home Instructions for Parents with Preschool Youngsters.”
This program can be participated in as an alternative to preschool or pared with in-school instruction.
Through HIPPY, parents learn how to teach their children from home in order to ready them for kindergarten.
Pinegar encouraged people to visit the school for more information.
“Come by and get some information and we can work out all the details,” she welcomed.
“This is a great program as far as getting kids ready for kindergarten,” said special education teacher Aubry Basilliere. “I’ve seen kids with special needs go through [Nashville ABC] and HIPPY and be ready for kindergarten without any more problems.”
Nashville ABC not only provides children with a rich education, but also does not require the purchase of school supplies or the healthy breakfast, lunch and snack that they serve.
For further inquiries and to pick up an application, visit the Nashville ABC Campus.

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