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Williams charged with theft of property

Williams, Xavier
Williams, Xavier

NASHVILLE – A local man was arrested Friday, March 13 on allegations that he stole a wallet and later used one of the credit cards inside.

According to police reports, 18 year old Xavier Williams was taken into custody as a result of an investigation that began March 2, when the alleged victim reported the items stolen while at UA Cossatot.

Later the same morning, a $26.82 transaction made using one of the cards at an area convenience store led police to seek surveillance footage which “showed a small white vehicle with a sunroof pull up to the pumps and get gas.”

The arrest affidavit related to the case alleges that the car matched a description of Williams’ vehicle, and that he was also reported as being in the room at the time the wallet went missing, leading police to interview the suspect, who initially denied responsibility.

Several days later, police reports indicate that authorities received another call from the alleged victim stating Williams “had returned her credit card and admitted to her that he stole the wallet.”
Williams remains an inmate in Howard County Jail on a $15,000 bond.