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“The Battle is not yours, It is the Lord’s”

Shirley Souder | Pastor of Ebenezer UMC Allow me to first introduce myself to some and present myself to others. Without a name , (so that you may...

The Offensiveness of the Gospel

Kevin Sartin Theology Columnist We are a people easily offended, a fact readily observable to anyone even remotely societally aware today. Stories that bear out the reality of this burgeoning social phenomena fill...

Ashdown and public prayer

Kevin Sarton Theology Columnist The Freedom From Religion Group, a nonprofit organization diligently working to promote “nontheism” and to defend the “constitutional separation between religion and government,” has been pretty busy as of...

The Power of “I Am”

Pastor Steve Ellison Last week, I was reading some news headlines on a major secular news website. One caught my attention. It was trumpeting an interview with a...

From the Barnyard

By Mike Graves Publisher Back in the good old days, before the author of this column got to be so dang serious and smart, we used...

Reader wants religious lifestyle protected

Dear Editor, I am a concerned citizen exercising my right to raise my voice in objection to the way our elected officials are making laws...