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Reader wants religious lifestyle protected


Dear Editor,
I am a concerned citizen exercising my right to raise my voice in objection to the way our elected officials are making laws that are taking away our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion that are guaranteed by the constitution. The government along with some special interest groups are slowly taking away our rights.
Most recently the controversy of the gay, lesbian marriages that they are saying we can not refuse because of our religious beliefs. I am a Christian who firmly believe’s the Bible is God’s word and it clearly states His commandments we are to live by. The Lord condemns lesbianism, adultery, abortion, pornography, pedophilia, premarital sex, murder, thievery and lying. But yet the government is making laws that command us to break God’s laws.
We should not have their lifestyle forced on us anymore than our way of life should be forced on them. We should not be forced to do what our Lord condemns as wrongful acts. Yet that is exactly what the government and some specialty groups are trying to do, but if we speak out against them then we can be charged with terroristic threats. Our children are told they can no longer pray or carry their Bible in school. Although they say they aren’t taking away any of our rights.
If they want to get married let them go to a Justice of the Peace or a preacher who doesn’t have a problem with it. Don’t force a preacher or photographer to do it when it is a flagrant disregard for their personal beliefs. The Lord tells us not to embrace their way of life. Though that is exactly what they are telling us we have to do.
It is not my intention to offend anyone but at the same time I feel I must speak out in support of my beliefs and my way of life. I enjoy the fellowship when I join others at church to worship our Lord and welcome anyone willing to join us in our worship and praise of the Lord and Jesus.
Calvin Mass

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