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“The Battle is not yours, It is the Lord’s”


Shirley Souder | Pastor of Ebenezer UMC
Allow me to first introduce
myself to some and present
myself to others. Without a
name , (so that you may come
in and sit and experience the
power of the Lord with us at
given time, you will find us
located at 318 West Dodson
Street, in Nashville, Arkansas.
We are few in numbers, but
we do know the power of the
Lord, and truly experiences
and acknowledge HIM as our
Superior Being, The Great I
AM! Should one be in the mental
attitude of looking for a
church home, Please stop by
and soon, but do not expect
to see your name on a coke
bottle, just your name written
in and on the church Roster.
Be certain when some come
and be faithful to God while
“striving toward perfection”,
your name will be written in
the Lamb “s Book of Life
There are many things in
this world that controls one
as humans. I would like to
introduce a few of the things I
personally see! While not asking
anyone to agree with me,
of course these things are:
Anxiety, worry, fear, depression,
pressure, regret,
stress, frustration, self criticism
, criticism from others,
fear of the future and unexpected
setbacks! Maybe it’s
college, a new church, a new
town, or making a first purchase.
It really doesn’t matter
what state of mind that one is
in, the problem is, that state of
mind is what is controlling the
situation one is in concerning
their lives.
Our lives seems to be under
constant attacks, that
war against us daily, because
we are trying to handle
things ourselves and are not
equipped to do so!
Our society has come to
somewhat accepted some
of these things as common
in the world. I personally see
the things as an immobilization
and discouragement to
and of selves and society! I
see these things the same
as divorce, sicknesses, failures,
death, often mistakes,
environmental factors, that
may cause one to kill or destroy
others or themselves.
However , I have heard others
in their worldy usage of
destressors know-it alls, use
slogans and other idioms,
but these slogans do not take
the place of God! First of all
we cannot win our battles by

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