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Local man facing burglary, battery charges

NASHVILLE - A local man is facing burglary and bat- tery charges after he was arrested early Wednesday morning. According to a state- ment issued by Sheriff Bry- an McJunkins, 30...

Area man preparing for fitness competition

For the better part of the past year, area fitness enthusiast Curtis Schade has counted every calorie he’s consumed, carefully managed his schedule around lengthy sessions...

Everyone a winner as sun shines on Ouachita Challenge

DERWOOD BRETT Travis Donn, Kansas City, MO, completed the Ouachita Challenge Race Sunday in 4:35:52 to beat nearly 200 other riders from 13 states as...

Area boasts thriving beekeeper community

Though the numbers have decreased over the years, there are approximately 200,000 beekeepers in the United States. Approximately 76 of those are members of...


Nestled somewhere between Kate’s Creek and Sulphur Springs Road just north of Highway 8 in the wildwood, sits the little “church in the vale.”...

Plan underway to add green house structure to Farmers’ Market

NASHVILLE - Plans are underway for the construction of a high-end greenhouse near the Howard County Farmers’ Market. Howard County Justices of the Peace approved...