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Past & Future: NHS FCCLA set for transition in leadership

Kaden White, Luis Maya

Two Nashville High School students are preparing for the transition from the past to the future for the local FCCLA program.

Senior Luis Maya has had a long history in Nashville’s FCCLA chapters, Arkansas and the nation. 

From volunteering for countless hours, fund-raising and donating funds to the betterment of society to utilizing his experience in leadership and public service to performing with his oral and communication skills, Maya has been a key contributor to the Nashville FCCLA chapters. 

He will retire the red blazer after five years, serving as Nashville’s Junior High and High School Chapter President, Regional First Vice President for Southwest Arkansas, Arkansas State First Vice President, and National Vice President of Parliamentary Law. 

The investment he has created has inspired the next generation of Nashville FCCLA members and future leaders. 

Junior Kaden White, a hopeful Arkansas state officer candidate, said he wants to carry this torch. 

He has shown qualities beneficial for Nashville FCCLA’s leadership and future. 

Immediately after joining the organization, he ran for office, became involved, and serves as the Nashville High School FCCLA Vice President of Leadership. 

Motivated to make decisions, assume responsibilities, and represent Arkansans, he decided to launch his campaign for the Arkansas FCCLA State Office. 

After an eight-candidate primary, White succeeded by being voted for by every voting delegate, received the regional nomination 

from Southwest Arkansas, and is now gearing up for the Arkansas FCCLA State Election to be held March 1. 

His plans include continuing Maya’s legacy, improving FCCLA’s membership campaign initiatives, collaborating with the community and organization more, encouraging others to pursue leadership, and increasing FCCLA participation, overall.