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ASP investigating allegations involving Dierks Booster Club funds


By John Balch

News-Leader staff

The Arkansas State Police is currently investigating a possible theft case related to allegations of misappropriated funds from the Dierks Athletic Booster Club.

ASP spokesperson Cindy Murphy told The Nashville News-Leader Friday that the ASP initiated the case in January but she did not release any details of the case or mention a dollar figure.

Cody Tedford, interim president of the booster club, acknowledged the possibility of missing funds but stated, “On the advice of our legal team, we can’t comment about anything that happened prior to Jan. 25.”

Tedford did note that the club voted in late January to change all signers on bank accounts, elected a new treasurer, created and voted on bylaws that ensure two non-related members must sign every check, shredded the clubs debit cards, added verifying processes in place for concession stand money, and added four people on all bank accounts to review statements.

In the Jan. 22 meeting, according to a Facebook post, the club voted to install Tedford as interim president, Nicole Hill as vice president, Cathren Smith as treasurer, Danielle Moore as assistant treasurer, Neesha Kirby as secretary, Jeff Tuttle as fundraiser, Nikki Fields as media, Susan Boeckman as concession stand monitor and Lauren Nichols as a member.

The club will basically start anew with finances while still working to provide the same support it has for many years.

“We can say that all money and donors going forward can trust every penny they donate will go to the student-athletes of Dierks Schools,” Tedford said. “We also appreciate all the time and effort everyone, past and present, has given to the Dierks Athletic Booster Club.”

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