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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: August 1898

Mr. D. R. Shuptrine of Saratoga was in Nashville Saturday. Mr. Shuptrine is greatly interested in making a good road from his place to Nashville. We hope he will succeed.

Bob Watson of Sevier County, who volunteered on the first call last spring and was sent to Chickamauga returned Sunday.  He has been sick most of the time and was granted an honorable discharge. Bob’s nervous system has been broken down, and he attributes it to a lack of attention.  He does not give a glowing account of camp life. He is going to apply for a pension and will no doubt get it. He thinks more of the boys will be home soon.


81 years ago: August 1940

Dale Shofner, a young man of the Chapel Hill community, was injured by a .22 calibre bullet during the festival in Nashville Wednesday, the wound not being a serious one. Young Shofner was attending a motorcycle show located at the rear of a shooting gallery, and it is supposed that one of the shots went wild, striking him in the left shoulder and ranging upward. His condition was very favorable yesterday and no serious results are expected. 

(Adv.) Owl Drug Store, Friday and Saturday Specials, banana Split- 10¢, lime freeze -5¢, fresh peach whip-5¢, Sandwich and egg with malted milk 25¢ 


Groundbreaking for Nashville Funeral Home, October 1989. From left, Ray Linville, Tony Busby, Charolette Busby, Jerry Jacobs, Nobie Ann Williams, Wendell Hoover and Sammie Cox.

58 years ago: August 1963

Two teenage boys driving a stolen car bought about $40 worth of merchandise from two service stations Tuesday afternoon with a stolen credit card. The red 1961 Pontiac having the Arkansas license number 1-72498 was apparently stolen around noon from the Little Rock Veterans Hospital.

Local people will accept the responsibility for supporting the local school system providing it does a good job and the community is kept constantly aware of it, according to an official of the American Oil Company, who was formerly a school board president.

(Adv,) Scotts 5¢ and 10¢, Nashville’s leading Variety Store. 


38 years ago: August 1983

All children under the age of five years are required to wear safety restraints under the new law which went into effect August 1st Arkansas state police have advised.  Colonel T. L. Goodwin, director of the state police, said the new law, Act 749 of  1983 requires children under the age of three to be in an approved child safety seat. Children between the ages of three and five must either be in a safety seats or in regular automobile safety belts.

Write down the 11th annual Dierks Pine Tree Festival as a success, according to the Jaycee sponsors. More than 3,000 people crowded into the Howard County town for the Saturday afternoon festivities and more than 2,000 stayed to hear country and western star Moe Bandy in the Saturday night concert.

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