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Second candidate joins race for Howard County judge


Howard County has a second announced candidate for the office of County Judge.

Steve Nation, 55, will run as a Republican in the primary election of 2022..

The Nashville native cites his experience gained from nine years in the county road department where he learned to operate all kinds of heavy equipment.

He also cites his his military experience in the US Navy. He served three tours in the Persian Gulf and a tour in Somalia before being honorably discharged.

“I see our county going in the wrong direction, not going forward the way we should,” he says of his desire to serve.

Nation is a bachelor and is an enthusiastic outdoorsman. He is a member of the Arkansas Houndsman Association. He currently is a feed truck driver for Tyson Foods. Among his interests are hunting, fishing and serving as a volunteer auctioneer at benefits. He is a 1958 graduate of Nashville High School and was a Scrapper football player.

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