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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago:  April 1898

Little odds and ends- Thunder can be heard nine miles away. Golf can positively be traced in Scotland history to 1457 and it is believed to have been played much earlier than that date.

The rush thus far to the Yukon Gold field has entailed more toil and hardship than the results in sight might justify. It would require a yield of $10,000,000 this season to cover the cost of getting it, to say nothing of the tremendous physical struggle of the Argonauts, many who have fallen by disease in the cheerless Arctic waste. 

(Adv.) We have rented the Stonewall Woolen Mills and will have it in operation by June 1, and will manufacture all kinds of woolen goods such as jeans, flannels, blankets etc. Samuel James and Son.


88 years ago: April 1933

In a blinding electrical storm the Akron, the mightiest dirigible to ever cruise the sky, plummeted into the turbulent Atlantic Tuesday about 20 miles off the New Jersey Shore. By dusk Tuesday night hope had waned for the 71 missing members of the crew. Of the 76 men aboard the “Mistress of the Skies” as she crashed, 4 were rescued, but one died before he was brought ashore.


On May 2, 1958 Mine Creek waters spilled over the highway and railroad tracks and backed into buildings.

70 years ago: March 1951

Two buildings at Mineral Springs were entered by prowlers last week and a total of $8 was taken. Rev. Claude Stewart, pastor of the Central Baptist Church, said that the burglars took approximately $6 from a small container holding donations for the Baptist Orphanage. At the same time another building was entered and $2 taken.

About $10,000 worth of cattle changed hands Wednesday afternoon at the regular weekly livestock auction conducted by Mabry Brothers at the auction barn in Nashville. Bo Reese of Center Point was top buyer for the day, purchasing a mixed lot of heifers for $1,416. Top seller was Buddy Hobbs of Dierks who sold 12 head of mixed cows, calves and heifers for $1,618.

(Adv.) Is your stomach like a gas factory? When you eat a meal and it turns right into gas, it is a sign that your food is not digesting quickly enough. It just lays there and ferments, so you are in misery with gas for hours afterwards. So don’t go on suffering. Get Certa-vin at Hale and Hale Drug Store.


38 years ago: April 1983

The last time Bill Clinton was governor, the state made the discovery that prison inmates, training in the print shop, were counterfeiting Uncle Sam’s money. Bad as the system needs cash, that was no solution.

May 28 will be Calvin Jacques Day in Center Point. Former students of the Center Point School District 4, which consolidated with Brier Creek, Piney Park (Messer Creek) and Center are invited as well as former residents of the area.  Special invitations have been extended to former students of Yorks Chapel and Chapel Hill. 

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