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Mine Creek Revelations: Capitol Invasion


YES, I AM STILL HERE looking out my window on Main Street, and I am stunned at an article in a reliable news source that says the FBI and Department of Justice are quietly discussing whether to criminally charge every one they can prove participated in the January 6 invasion of the Halls of Congress.

If someone was inside the Capitol then, it means they were in the crowd that forced its way thru the doors and windows. Some of them just enjoyed a romp; but some have bragged they were there to kill members of Congress, and even punish VP Mike Pence because he wouldn’t do something to try to overturn the Presidential election.

Guilt by association, no matter what they did or what their intentions were. Or how they have explained away their preseence since then.

My own philosophy — in case you’re interested — is that rioters, looters and arsonists should be shot on the spot.

Peaceful protests are okay. This is America, after all. I said PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

But the January 6 bunch tried to overthrow the traditional process of government in our country. It was an insurrection. Even if he wanted to, the vice-president couldn’t have overturned the election results.

I’m not going to address whether or not the President had a hand in inspiring the invasion. He was the President at the time. You are free to adore him or detest him. This is America, after all.

The federal law enforcement and justice agencies are worried if they charge everyone possible, the courts would be overwhelmed because there’s possibly hundreds to be charged. That’s a shame since the courts have plenty of other cases they need to deal with, but everyone from BLM to the Proud Boys to neutral onlookers need to see that this is a country of laws. There is a price to pay for breaking them.

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath; take a step back; and consider what we all have in common. And that’s a hard thing to do.

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THE GOOD EARTH. Just noticed this week — Carolina Jasmine’s yellow blooms are popping out. But, for the first time since I planted jonquil bulbs in my side yard 25 years ago those flowers are no-shows. When is the Jonquil Festival at ‘Old’ Washington? Almost always just a few days after the jonquils have wilted.

Pretty soon there will be green fuzz on tree limbs. My flowering quince will be covered with red blooms.

I know, I know. There’s plenty of winter left.

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THE VACCINE. Well, there are people out there who are desperate to get the Covid vaccine, and there are ‘anti-vaxxers.’

In my lifetime I have been vaccinated for smallpox, polio, pneumonia, tetanus, measles, shingles and flu. And probably some others.

Here in SW Arkansas we don’t appear to be as scared of the virus as people are in other parts of the country.

I want to thank the frontline medical workers, police, firemen, teachers and others who put themselves at risk in order to look out for their fellow man (and woman, just to be politically-correct).

Related: Through the efforts of some health organizations, and philanthropist Bill Gates and Rotary International, humanity has almost rid itself of polio. Only a few Muslim countries in south Asia still have this dread disease because anti-vaxxers there are preventing parents from having their children protected.

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USELESS INFORMATON. If you hang two pendulum clocks side-by-side and start the pendulums swinging, after about 30 minutes the pendulums will be swing in perfect rhythm with each other but in opposite directions.

This important bit of information was discovered by a Dutch physicist named Christiaan Huygens in 1665 as he lay in his sickbed with nothing to do other than study a couple of clocks on the wall.

Let me tell you a little bit about this guy Huygens. He was a physicist, astronomer, musician and a whole bunch of other things.

He was real important. So important that succeeding generations named something after him. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I know for a fact that somebody named something ‘Huygens.’ And HE was the Huygens that ‘they’ named something after, not some other Huygens.

For 350 long years after the day Mr. Huygens was sick, other smart guys (and gals) tried to figger out why-and-or-how those pendulums did what they did. They couldn’t.

Finally, some REALLY smart people figgered that it was sound pulses that put the pendulums in sync. You’re welcome.

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THINGS I LEARNED from opening an email: “Why doesn’t glue stuck to the inside of the bottle?”

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WORD GAMES. The twins: Spic and Span. Sometimes people use Spic and Span to leave floors or other surfaces spic and span.

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HE SAID: “Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” Adlai Stevenson II, governor of Illinois, Ambassador to the United Nations, two-time unsuccessful candidate for President of the USA

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SHE SAID: “I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.” UK nurse Edith Cavell who saved both German and British soldiers during WWI. She was arrested by the Germans and was executed.

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