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Feral swine technician now at work for MCCD

Tanner Turner

NASHVILLE – The ongoing fight against the state’s wild hog population will be led locally by the Mine Creek Conservation District’s new feral swine technician.

Tanner Turner, a native of Idabel, Okla., has been hired as the district’s technician through a pilot program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

Turner, who now resides in Hope, has a degree in agriculture science from Southern Arkansas University and will serve as a hog trapper for hire – for a limited time. He will come armed with his own hog trap, recently acquired by the district with state grant funds.

Although small herds of feral hogs have lived in Arkansas for generations, the feral hog population in the state has increased and expanded dramatically since the 1990’s. Controlling the prolific feral hog has proven difficult. Feral hogs are very adaptive and learn to avoid hunters and traps. Hogs are very mobile and will range for miles in search of food and mates. Most feral hogs are nocturnal, and therefor e often unseen until signs appear. Signs of feral hogs are rooting, tracks, wallows, nests, or beds, tree and post rubs. Persons with feral hog problems can contactTurner at (870) 200-0309 or email: ccdtrappertanne@gmail.com.

For more information, contact the MCCD at (870) 845-4121, Ext. 3.

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