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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: March 1897

 Not long since three boys attacked a man named Jones on the railroad a few miles north of Horatio and shot him while attempting to rob him. Walter Shands and two other boys named Conch and Prewit were arrested. Conch was released on bond and Shands made his escape, but was recaptured last week at Goodland, Indian Territory and was brought to Lockesburg Saturday. Jones, the man who was shot, died Saturday.

Prof. J. M. Ford of Picaynne was in Nashville Saturday.  Prof. Ford is devoting his leisure to writing a book on mathematics, which will be published sometime this summer.


90 years ago: September 1930

The widening of the pavement at 4th and Sunset Streets in this city was started yesterday and the new pavement will soon be ready for traffic, doing away with the dangerous corner at that place. The pavement at that corner is the entrance to Nashville off Highway 24 from Lockesburg, and many cars have been wrecked there because of the sharp curve and the manner in which the pavement is constructed.  The new addition will make a curve which is safe at a much higher speed than the present corner.

The town of Center Point in Howard County showed one more citizen on the count of the recent census from the census of 1920, there being 277 enumerated in the town this year as compared with 276 in 1920.  There are 44 farms enumerated in the area. 


66 years ago: August 1954

It was night and Ed Reese was deep in slumber when a dog’s barking aroused him.  The dog had a West Texas and New Mexico visitor corralled and wanted a little help. He had an armadillo, about the fifth reported for this area in the past few years. The armadillo fought for shelter from the dog and burrowed into his hard shell for safety. Ed finally killed the armadillo.

Pike County will be 121 years old officially on Nov. 1, 1954. It was named for Lt. Bebulon M. Pike, not Albert Pike, who was an early 19th century explorer of the Southwest. Murfreesboro was originally called Zebulon, but the name was changed to Murfreesboro in 1936. 


40 years ago: August 1980

While most Vietnam era veterans now agree with the majority of the public that America should have stayed out of Vietnam, the same veterans are glad they served their country and would serve again if asked.  This was among the findings of a survey conducted by the Veterans Administration.

The survey reflects strong patriotic feelings on the part of veterans despite disillusionments with the war and a great deal of bitterness about their treatment after the war. Ninety-one percent of the veterans serving in Vietnam agreed with the statement, “Looking back, I am glad I served my country. “

Dr. T.J. Humphreys, in center, and the medical team remove a victim from an ambulance after a savage twister hit Nashville.
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