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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

Owing to the dampness of the atmosphere, the prayer meeting Sunday night was not well attended. One of our Adventist brethren was to preach last Sunday night but owing to the inclemency of the weather he failed to do so.   

Prof. Bishop of Mineral Springs is teaching a class in penmanship at Wakefield School House.

(Adv.) George L. Cannon will fix you up a hot lunch at any hour. He also takes orders for whiskey for Gibson and Son at Hope. He asks for a share of your patronage.


97 years ago: 1922

At last, the long-looked- for test of the Tycap Oil test between Washington and Nashville will be made today, and by dark tonight the people of this section will know whether this section is to be declared an oil field. 

A mass meeting of the people of Howard County was held at the Courthouse here Monday afternoon and was well attended. The meeting had been called by County Judge W. A. Tinsley for the purpose of discussing the desires of the people in order that Representative J. M. Copeland might have information on how to act.  The most important question before the people was the proposed law that gives all automobile and gasoline taxes to the state in use for building and maintaining state roads. The meeting was unanimously against any such action.

(Adv.) A good husband, a good father, a good citizen, a good bank account.  They all go together. Bank of Nashville


A group of businessmen from Hope formed a caravan and toured neighboring cities. This picture was made on the Center Point Square, 1928.

77 years ago: 1942

The County Agricultural Committee of Howard County met at the court house Wednesday for the kick-off of the Food for Victory program sponsored by the Agricultural Extension Service. All communities were represented except two, being in the extreme north end of the county.

The program was explained by the Extension Agents and Glenn Wallace in regards to the economic production of foods. They stressed the need for food for the American citizens and food for our allies in this present war.

(Adv.) At the Liberty Theatre, Friday and Saturday Roy Rodgers in “Nevada City” – also – “Spider Returns” and “Early to Bed” Cartoon!


57 years ago: 1962

Philander Cobb, 92-year old retired lumberman staying with his son, Lawton Cobb in the Doyle community, has a zealous protector in a goose, nicknamed Sammy, who discourages strangers from getting too close to Mr. Cobb. Sammy always meets his friend for walks, and out in the pasture the goose keeps cows at a distance from Mr. Cobb.

Week’s activities: Monday-Scrapper Booster Club at Joda’s at 7 p.m.; Wednesday- Rotary Club at noon at Joda’s; Friday- Nashville Saddle Club meeting and supper at Legion Hut at 8 p.m.

(Adv.) Nashville News Subscription Prices: $4.00 in Howard, Pike, Sevier, Little River and Hempstead Counties; $4.50 outside those counties. Six cents per copy. 104 papers yearly.

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