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Pike County voters to get notification cards soon by mail


Randee Reid, the Pike County clerk and voter registrar, has announced that her office, in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, will be mailing notifications to 1,172 registered voters in the county.

This number includes 805 confirmation cards and 367 cancellation cards.

She warns residents that “this is not junk mail, do not throw it away.”

“As we approach the 2020 presidential primary and general elections, it is important that you update your voter registration with our office. Please fill out the detachable postcard and mail it back and we will update your registration information,” said Reid.

The Pike County Clerk’s office uses a third-party vendor based in Searcy to handle the printing and mailing. 

NVRA Background

The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 set up national guidelines and requirements for allowing voters to be given the opportunity to register to vote or change their voter registration information when seeking or receiving services such as a driver’s license or public assistance.

Under the law (Amend 51, §10, (d)), the Pike County Clerk’s Voter Registration Office is to conduct bi-annual confirmation mailings to those individuals with whom didn’t communicate with the Clerk’s office or participate in an election during the past two-year election cycle, (2017-2018). 

“These individuals didn’t vote nor update their registration information during the cycle. The mailing asks the voter to either confirm their address or update their registration information.  A postcard is built into the mailer, which enables the voter to mail back their response to the Voter Registration Office,” said Reid.

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