Former Pike County judge recovering from heart attack


    Former Pike County judge, Don Baker of Glenwood, is back home after suffering a massive heart attack, according to his son, Paul Baker.

    Paul said the attack happened Monday, May 28 and that three stents have been installed to relieve 100 percent blockage in the “widow maker” artery. Paul said the incident was certainly a “close call” and that his dad had just had three stents installed about six months ago.

    Don Baker, who is set to turn 79 soon, had been out checking cows and cutting hay when the attack happened.

    A family member posted on social media that the former judge’s heart was damaged by the trauma and he was released from the hospital with a “life vest” that monitors and defibrillates the heart. The post, which noted Baker was fortunate to be alive after such a massive attack, also said Baker now has a “completely new lifestyle” after a lifetime of working from “daylight to dark.”

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