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The CALL launch seeks to draw attention to foster care needs


A compassionate voice on behalf of foster children in Montgomery and Pike County was heard Saturday with the launch party for The CALL of Pike and Montgomery County.
The launch parties held in Glenwood and Mount Ida officially launched the program in both counties.
The event was designed to raise awareness of the need for foster parents in the county and to educate residents on how they can help provide a stable home for children who are going the worst days of their young lives.
The seed for local chapters of The CALL was planted about a year ago within the hearts of a handful of local people who wanted to help provide foster parents for children entering foster care
The CALL, which is a faith based organization that works to recruit, train and support church families to help provide homes for foster kids and those who need to be adopted, offers a variety of opportunities to serve area children.
Volunteers at the launch party in Mount Ida stated that they had been contacted by four families with an interest in becoming a foster home. They explained that there was a great need for foster families, but there is also an opportunity to help foster families with provisions as they care for children.
Informational meetings are scheduled for both Pike and Montgomery County in the next two months. The first meeting will be held October 10 at First Baptist Church in Glenwood. The second meeting will be held November 7 at the Mount Ida First United Methodist Church. Both informational meetings will be held from 6:30 -9:30 p.m.
For more information regarding the Montgomery County launch celebration check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/The-CALL-in-Pike-and-Montgomery-Counties. To find out more information on the state-wide effort go to thecallinarkansas.org.