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From the Barnyard | Mike Graves

My Nashville is Nashville, not “The Ville.” (The Ville sounds thuggy…and Nashville is as unthuggy a town as you’ll find anywhere.)
My bank in Nashville is First National Bank where John Anthony is waiting in the coffee shop to insult me, and John Ross and Jim Stuckey have some cow money for me.
My drugstore is Nashville Drug, where I got Dad’s cigars.
My shoe store is Quality Shoe, where Dale Hamilton played tricks on us and Shirley gave us suckers.
My favorite place to visit while we waited on papers was the Nashville Coke Plant, where we got 5 cent cokes in the bottle and filled them with peanuts.
My favorite meal was chicken fried steak with gravy and french fries from Joda’s. Second favorite was steak sandwich from The Poolhall. Third favorite was taco salad from The Branding Iron. Breakfast was The Crystal Cafe. After school treat was chocolate dipped ice cream from The Freeze King.
My favorite entertainment was watching the ”submarine races” at The City Lake, a good western at The Elberta Theatre, and “Ladies Choice” skate time at The Skating Rink.
My favorite class was Ms. Murrays History class, where we talked about everything BUT History.
My favorite teacher was Maye G. Davis, still is. Most feared teacher today is Terry Young.
My favorite, one and only newspaper office had a cloud of cigar smoke in it.
That’s all for this week. +Y’all come back now, ye hear?
• • •
“To everything there is a season.” Ecclesiastes
“We will cherish every memory, we will sing her praises, too. And to dear old Alma Mater, we’ll be faithful, and true.” Alma Mater, Amy H. Ball

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