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Alleged bootlegger arrested Wednesday in Highland area

Pike County Sheriff Charlie Caldwell and the items seized near Highland Wednesday afternoon.

A Pike County man accused of distributing beer and liquor in the Highland was arrested Wednesday, May and charged with misdemeanor possession of alcohol for sale in a dry county, according to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department.

For the past month, Sheriff Charlie Caldwell has been receiving complaints from citizens in Pike County about the distribution of beer and liquor in the Highland area. It was reported that the suspect was also selling to minors from the Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. Sheriff Caldwell identified the suspect as being William “Bill” Rather at 267 Wanda Lane.

During a 72-hour period, officers with the Pike County Sheriff’s Department worked in an undercover capacity with an undisclosed individual in the Highland area of Pike County. Officers, with the help of the confidential informant, made a purchase of beer and whiskey from Bill Rather at this residence described on Wanda Lane. During the purchase, Mr. Rather was handed $10 in exchange for four cans of Budweiser beer and a ½ pint of TW Samuels Whiskey.   

Officers obtained a search warrant on May 18, 2016 and executed the warrant on the same date at approximately 2:15 pm.  Evidence collected at the residence consisted of 10 cases of beer, five ½ pints of Vodka, 10 ½ pints of TW Samuels Whiskey, a 1.5L bottle of wine and the 10 $1 bills used for the controlled buy.

Rather was arrested and transported to the Pike County Detention Center where he is being charged with possession for sale in a dry area which is a Class A misdemeanor.

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